Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Integrated Projects

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Project Title
Key Concepts
Suggested Courses for Implementation
Agribusiness Systems
Math: basic business math (addition, subtraction, division), spreadsheet use, ratios

Keywords: credit uses and options, business costs, maintaining inventory, financial ratios
Agribusiness Management Classes, Ag Banking, Accounting, Business Math
Agribusiness Systems
Math: angles, ratio and proportion, slope and grade, geometric formulas, trigonometric functions and level curves
Science: basic GIS, cartography, data gathering and analysis

Keywords: land survey, Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographical Information System (GIS), GPS markings, GIS mapping
Agribusiness Management, GPS/GIS Systems, Environmental Science, College Algebra, and Trigonometry
Food Products and Processing Systems
Science: biochemistry of lipids, gravimetric analysis, oxidation/reduction, titration, chemistry of vitamin C

Keywords: nutritional analysis, biochemistry, food product development, antioxidants, fatty acids
Food Chemistry, Food Science, Biology, Nutrition
Food Products and Processing Systems
Science: lipid chemistry, organic chemistry, titration, enzyme catalyzed oxidation, autoxidation, role of antioxidants

Keywords: food safety, hydrolytic rancidity, preservation, enzymes, Standard Sanitation Operating Procedure (SSOP)
Food Chemistry, Food Science, Microbiology and Introductory Biology
Plant Systems
Science: soil composition, sample collection, plant nutrients, pH meter, testing for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash (potassium), hydrometer, Munsell soil chart, solubility

Keywords: soil types, plant mineral requirements, fertilizer, pH, soil permeability
Biology, soil science, earth science, plant science
Plant Systems
Science: plant nutrition and growth, hydroponic systems, pH, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, light

Keywords: plant growth, plant physiology, nutrient analysis, hydroponic plant production
plant science, soil science, general biology, botany, algebra
Animal Systems
Math: basic probability, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium equation, basic statistics, multiplication rule calculations
Science: allele, genotype, and phenotype frequencies in animals, Punnett squares, selection

Keywords: genotype, phenotype, probability, selection, non-random mating
introductory animal science, animal genetics and breeding, livestock management, general biology, and statistics
Animal Systems
Math: percentages, Pearson Square, systems of equations, tabular technique, Cramer's Rule, Science: proximate analysis, biochemistry, nutrients, factors affecting animal nutrient needs, ration formulas

Keywords: biochemistry, nutrient categories, proximate analysis, animal nutrient needs, ration formulations
Introductory Animal Science, Animal Production Laboratory, Animal Nutrition, Animal Feeds and Feeding, Nutrition, College Algebra
Natural Resources Systems
Math: statistical analysis of data, spreadsheet use, graphical representation of spatial and/or temporal trends
Science: rapid environmental assessment and monitoring protocols, sample collection, identification of natural and anthropogenic factors affecting ecosystem

Keywords: environmental assessment and monitoring, ecosystems, water testing, field research, data analysis
General biology, environmental biology, ecology, natural resources, and statistics.
Natural Resources Systems
Science: taxonomic classification, DNA extraction, DNA databases, Dichotomous Key, phylogenetics

Keywords: classification, systematics, biological organization, taxonomy, DNA barcoding
General Biology, Environmental Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microtechniques
Power, Structural and Technical Systems
Science: spectrophotometry, flame test, chromatography, wavelength

Keywords: oil analysis, engine diagnostics, spectrophotometry, engine lubricants, metal flame test
Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Diagnostics, Core Engine/Transmission, Introductory Ag Mechanics
Power, Structural and Technical Systems
Math: business math, percentages, spreadsheet use

Keywords: finance, billing, cost estimates, operating costs, profit/loss
Agricultural Mechanics, Business Math
Environmental Service Systems
Math: calculus, calculation of impervious cover, Trapezoidal Rule, Simpson's Rule
Science: GIS software, GPS, geo-spatial analysis, land cover, impervious cover, watershed, wetland restoration

Keywords: erosion, water impairment, geo-spatial analysis, GIS Mapping, land cover
General Biology, Environmental Science, Introductory Agriculture, Soil Science, Environmental Chemistry, Calculus
Environmental Service Systems
Math: equations, functions. predicting a best fit curve, independent variables, slope, interpolation
Science: Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE), soil types, erodibility, soil sampling, Munsell Soil Chart, chemical analysis, GIS mapping software

Keywords: soil composition, soil testing, chemical analysis, geo-spatial analysis, erosion map
Environmental Science, Introductory Agriculture, Soil Science, Environmental Chemistry, General Biology, and College Algebra