The organizations listed below offer web-based educational resources within the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Cluster. This list is provided as a resource for community college faculty. It is not exhaustive and inclusion does not constitute endorsement by CORD, the League for Innovation, the States Career Cluster Initiative or the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education.

GPS for Geographers
GPS Tools for Geographers is a web-based project at Oklahoma State University, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Launched in 2003, this website is intended to be a source of information for individuals and educators interested in developing or improving GPS field exercises and lecture materials. The goal is to assist individuals in gaining proficiency in GPS theory, use, and applications. It is also useful in equipping organizations and individuals desiring to achieve competency in GPS/GIS integration. Increasing use of GPS technology within agriculture, transportation, natural resource management, and other fields highlights the importance of learning about and applying this technology.

Industrial Technology Math and Science
This resource is a product of the Career Technical Education Math and Science Partnership Project in Illinois. The project’s goal is to improve the math and science skills of high school students by providing teachers with a better understanding of mathematics, science and engineering as it relates to industry. Through the project, teams of faculty members and industry professionals have developed hands-on, practical applications of math and science content using problem-based scenarios. Many of the resulting classroom resources are focused on the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Cluster.

Colorado State University’s Internal Combustion Engines Website
A resource for faculty and students that features instructional material and applets exploring the mathematics behind engine thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid transfer.

Transportation Career Cluster
The States Career Cluster Initiative offers standards-based instructional resources for all 16 Career Clusters. Plans of study, knowledge and skills charts, crosswalks, and models are available for the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics cluster.