Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Integrated Projects

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Project Title
Key Concepts
Suggested Courses for Implementation
Math: Pythagorean theorem, angles, complex numbers, spreadsheet use
Science: physics, AC Circuits, oscilloscope, phase shift, resistance, reactance, impedance, voltage, frequency

Keywords: series AC circuits, impedance, resistance, reactance, circuit simulations
Trigonometry, DCAC I & II DCAC, Physics
Engineering Technology
Math: introductory algebra or math for engineering

Keywords: mechanical design, gear ratios, engineering principles, technical writing
Mechanical Design, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Physics, Trigonometry, Introductory Algebra (with modifications), Computer-Aided Design
Math and Science
Math: probability, matrices, dynamic programming
Science: protein structure and function, transcription, translation, mutations, sequence alignment, evolution, PHYLIP KITSCH, PAM distance

Keywords: DNA function, phylogenetic tree, bioinformatics, PAM substitution matrix, alignment score,
General Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Programming, Statistics, Operations Research
Math and Science
Math: ratios/proportions, quadratic equation, Golden Ratio, proportions quadratic equation, statistics, average, absolute value, Fibonacci sequence, phi, data analysis
Science: extension activities related to child vs. adult proportions (anatomy and physiology), human skeletal analysis (forensics, anthropology), species identification (zoology)

Keywords: Golden Ratio, phi, ratios/proportions, quadratic equation, statistics
College Algebra, Statistics, Biology, Anthropology, Anatomy & Physiology, Criminal Justice, Zoology
Math and Science
Math: graphing, data analysis, quadratic equation, quadratic functions, mathematical modeling, averaging, approximating
Science: heart rate, exercise physiology, taking a pulse

Keywords: graphing, data analysis, quadratic equation, quadratic functions, mathematical modeling
College Algebra, Statistics, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Physiology