Transportation, Distribution,
and Logistics Integrated Projects

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Key Concepts
Suggested Courses for Implementation
Transportation Operations
GPS, Radar, Electromagnetic Waves

Keywords: Radar, Satellite navigation, GPS, 2-D trilateration, 3-D trilateration
Physics, aviation, aerospace, transportation operations
Transportation Operations
Science: introductory physics, aerodynamics, lift, drag, thrust, Bernoulli's Principle, Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, Coandă Effect

Keywords: aerodynamics, lift, drag, thrust, Bernoulli's Principle
Physics, Introduction to Aviation, Fundamentals of Flight, Materials Technology
Transportation Operations
Science: reducing or eliminating adverse impacts, noise pollution, water quality, air quality, habitats, soundproofing, buffer zones

Keywords: Environmental Impact Statements, National Environmental Policy Act, regulations, mitigation
Transportation Planning, Airport Management, Environmental Science, Government, Ecology
Transportation Operations
Math: functions, equations, discrete mathematics, factorials

Keywords: operational planning, solution matrix, transportation logistics, financial analysis, factorials
Transportation Operations, Transportation Planning, Supply Chain Management, Distribution, Business Marketing
Logistics Planning and Management Services
Math: arithmetic, elementary algebra

Keywords: qualitative comparisons, multimodal transportation, shipment, delivery routes
Supply Chain, Logistics, Applied Mathematics I, Introductory Algebra
Logistics Planning and Management Services
Science: energy efficiency

Keywords: Energy efficient building practices, LEED Certification, Green or living roof, Photo voltaic solar panels, Wind turbines
Supply Chain, Logistics, Environmental Studies
Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations
Math - cost/benefit analysis

Keywords: Lease vs. Build Facilities, Transportation costs and services, Logistics management, Cost/benefit analysis,
Production and Inventory Control; Operations Management; Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations, Business Math
Warehousing and Distribution, and Logistics
Math: business math, introductory algebra, fractions, decimals, unknowns

Keywords: inventory control, operations management, business math, proposal writing, product compatibility
Production and Inventory Control; Operations Management; Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations; Business Math
Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance
Math: arithmetic, business math
Science: hazardous chemical disposal, environmental impact, chemistry of mineral-based vs. synthetic motor oils

Keywords: vehicle maintenance procedures, automotive lubricants, hazardous waste disposal, environmental impact, repair orders
Introduction to Automotive Technology, Engine Repair, Vehicle Maintenance, Environmental Science, Developmental Math
Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance
Math: linear equations, percentage
Science: Scientific Method, amperage, voltage, Coulombs, Volt-Ohm meter, open-circuit voltage, electron flow, state of charge, battery chemistry

Keywords: lead-acid battery, battery testing, Parasitic load testing, Scientific method, state of charge (SOC)
Electronic Systems, Electrical Diagnostics, Lighting and Accessories and Engine Performance, Physics, Intermediate Algebra
Health, Safety and Environmental Management
Science: chemistry of hazardous materials (flammability, reactivity, corrosivity and toxicity), lab safety, chemical storage

Keywords: hazardous materials OSHA UN numbers emergency response plan MSDS
Business Law, Environmental Studies, Emergency Management (Homeland Security), Warehouse Operations, Chemistry
Health, Safety and Environmental Management
Math: functions, equations Science: climate change, environmental impact, carbon emission, carbon sequestration, greenhouse gases

Keywords: logistics, carbon footprint, environmental impact, shipping costs, supply chain
Business Law, Environmental Studies, Transportation Management, Transportation Operations, Environmental Biology, Agriculture, Business Math
Sales and Service
Math: inequalities, linear equations, functions, graphing systems of equations, linear programming

Keywords: maximizing profit, recruitment/training job analysis systems of equations, EEOC
Sales Management; Operations Management; Supply Chain Management; Human Resources Management, College Algebra
Sales and Service
Math: business math

Keywords: customer relationships, competition, value-added, profitability, cost/benefit analysis
Sales Management; Marketing Management; Transportation Management, Business Math
Logistics Planning and Management Services
Science: fluid resistance, fluid volume, volume-flow rate, viscosity, pressure, pressure-difference

Keywords: Pipeline transportation, Fluid resistance, Flow rate, Viscosity
Supply Chain, Logistics, Physics